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About the Time by Timothy

A brief into the history of these wristwatches

The PURE Series by Timothy Jacob Jensen is an old formula infused with a modern touch, which characterizes Timothy Jacob Jensen designs. A result of effort from a team of designers based worldwide, these watches reflect the different personalities through subtle design. A simple contrast of high-quality black leather strap and reflective silver case is enriched by different dial colors, each representing different qualities. 

Our PURE Series of Classic watches has something for everybody, and if you´re one of the classic watch fans, but you´d also like for it to have a modern touch, you´ve come to the right place. Our designs draw attention to those who wear them, representing their personality which is why our logo is minimized and in the background. Another distinctive feature of the PURE series is that it offers designs for all occasions as we aim to satisfy the needs of our customers by offering watches that reflect their needs and wishes. Explore the shades of blue and red and see if you´re more of a risk-taker or someone who owns their ground. Someone who is seen and respected or someone who shows great potential. 

Our watches offer a range, and while some are reserved business meetings, some are intended for cocktail parties. We wanted to offer our customers designs they could use on different occasions, helping them to balance their private and work life. Nothing says established and balanced like a good watch, and our PURE series offers you just that. Dive in and discover a range of bold choices as well as minimal ones and find out which one suits you best. We guarantee you´ll find the one. For those who are not part of the experimenting crew, or just like to stick to the basics we´ve got you covered with our black and white offer. And for those who like to take a risk to add a touch to their style, we´ve got just a whole range for you to enjoy.

Timothy Jacob Jensen’s designs are staples with a twist, aiming to inspire and help you achieve your goals, as we all know that style is an integral part of the charm. With our PURE series, we´ll take you from the deep cold waters to the fires within Earth, and further away, as we help you rediscover your true self and redefine your style.

About Timothy

Designer and Professor Timothy Jacob Jensen was born in 1962, son of an American mother from New York and a Danish Father from Copenhagen. He had a rebellious educational upbringing where he spent only 7.5 years in school however he was seen to many as a prodigy within the design. Timothy joined his father’s studio at the age of 16, where he spent the next six years. He joined Bang & Olufsen’s chief-designer team at the age of 17. By the age of 24, his first design was included in the Museum of Modern Art’s design collections in New York. At 28 he took over the responsibility of Jacob Jensen Design from his father. He became chief designer for Gaggenau when he was 30. At 48 he became a professor at Fudan University in Shanghai and at 55 he was named the designer of the year in China. Today, Chief designer Professor Timothy Jacob Jensen is working out of his legendary studio together with a team of creative associates from all over the world.


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