BY TIMOTHY is a new design brand created by Timothy Jacob Jensen in partnership with talents from all over the world. With the belief that creativity is a fundamental part of being human – no matter who you are or where you are – the BY TIMOTHY product collection is the epitome of diversity with a wish to market designs that bring a smile.

Throughout his life, Timothy Jacob Jensen’s overriding ambition has been to make the world a better place. His brand, BY TIMOTHY, is influenced by this, being built on sincere fairness. Each time you buy a BY TIMOTHY product, part of your payment is passed uncut to the designer as compensation proportional to the creative contribution.

With the brand BY TIMOTHY, Timothy Jacob Jensen provides talented creatives the opportunity to work with him on design collections to support their independent career as designers. The talents are selected among the designers,who have signed up to another one of Timothy’s brainchildren, the Design-as-a-Service platform, Designers Trust.

Designers Trust connects brands and designers on a global scale. The platform provides growth opportunities for designers and brands alike by offering a space and platform where designers
can enjoy professional freedom as part of a community of peers, and brands can reap the benefits of outstanding creativity. Built on the 100 years of design inheritance running in the
Jensen family, and a fair-share principle model in which everyone gets credit and remuneration
for their contribution.

Timoyhy Jacob Jensen
Timothy Jacob Jensen

Timothy Jacob Jensen is head of the most award-winning design family in the world. He has made a significant impact on the history of design with his work for the likes of Bang & Olufsen, Ecco, Gaggenau, Lufthansa, Jacob Jensen, Vertu, and Volvo. In 2017 he was named Designer of the Year in China, and in 2019 he was selected as a member of the jury for the iF Design Award, one of the most prestigious design awards in the world.

Brand personality

You can depend on me. I’ve learned that relationships based on trust are lasting relationships. I will never take you for granted. Relationships are built on shared experiences so every relationship is both unique and special. I will always appreciate your loyal friendship and I promise to respect and honour you.

I believe the most important component of a civilised society is respect, respect for one another, respect for the environment and respect for authority. I try to build respect in everything I do. My number one life goal is to try to enrich people’s lives by making them feel better having encountered me, no matter how briefly. I always try to make people smile.

Excitement is the engine of my life. Its pulse is the rhythm to which I dance. It is the source of my enthusiasm; it stimulates and invigorates me; it is thrilling, stirring, arousing, and intoxicating. It brings sunshine and sparkle into my life. It is everything I live for.

The greatest gift in life is inspiration. If I can pass on even just a quantum of inspiration, then I will be content.

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